With the expertise of more than two hundred international composers, Arcadia has produced 20,000 tracks that are contained within 20 Production Music Libraries, each one of which focuses upon a particular variety of subject matter.

Cosmos Arcadia Cosmos
Stereo & Super Surround Sound - 100 CD's - Duration 1:00 to 4:40The Producer’s bible, Cosmos covers a large spectrum of musical subjects from Current Affairs, Action and Adventure to Sport, Childhood and Ancient Musical Instruments
Cosmos Special Select Arcadia Cosmos Special Select
Stereo & Super Surround Sound - 38 CD's - Duration 1:00 to 4:30An extension of the Cosmos Library, Special Select contains additional topics such as Entertainment Locations and Public Performances, Buskers, Can-Can, Comedy and Drama
Loop Academy Arcadia Loop Academy
Stereo & Super Surround Sound - 25 CD's - Duration 00:15 - 00:30 – 00:60 Seconds PlusClassic Rock, Latin, Hip Hop, Garage, Funk, Rave, Mega Loops, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Extreme, Heavy Metal, New Rhythm & Blues, Acoustic Guitar, Techno, Trance Anthems – it’s all here!
The most exciting library – ever!
Media Music Arcadia Media Music
Stereo & Super Surround Sound - 25 CD's - Duration 0:29 to 2:30State-of-the-art Contemporary Scores which include Dance, Disco, Rock, Heavy Metal, Funk, Vocals and Rave, plus an outrageous collection of Extreme Scores. Tempting Pianos and Urgent Strings blend with Screaming Guitars, Manic Drums, and Mental Vocals. Each track also features an additional 0:29 second version
Global Authentic Music Arcadia Global Authentic Music
Stereo & Super Surround Sound - 20 CD's - Duration 0:29 to 5:00Global Authentic is the most inspiring, versatile and user-friendly collection of world music ever to be released by a production music library. Instrumentals, Vocals and Chants abound in this colourful array of 1000 high quality tracks
Jazz Line Arcadia Jazz Line
Stereo & Super Surround Sound - 10 CD's - Average Duration 3:00Jazz you want? Jazz you got! Traditional, Big Band, Soloists, Duos, Trios, Quartets etc., plus Ethnic, Funk and Soundalikes. 400 tracks, each one of which includes an additional 0:29 second version. And that’s Jazz!
Hollywood Arcadia Hollywood
Stereo & Super Surround Sound - 13 CD's - Average Duration 3:00Big, luscious Symphonic Scores to grace any movie screen with a variety of enduring themes such as War & Peace, Nostalgia & Romance, Sentimental Moments and Glamorous Illusions, some tracks of which feature a moody variety of mixed choirs.
Classical Media Music Arcadia Classical Media Music
Stereo & Super Surround Sound - 15 CD's - Duration 0:29 to 10:00Classical Media Music contains many of the world’s greatest classical works, and offers a stunning Classical Repertoire which includes Inspiring Themes, Seasons & Weather, Ceremony and War, plus a huge choice of Classical Moods, such as Happiness & Romance, Triumph & Achievement, Drama and Celebration. On the Arcadia website these tracks can also be searched within ‘Classical Moods’ that are ‘moody’ edits of each work
DeLuxe Arcadia DeLuxe
Stereo & Super Surround Sound - 30 CD's - Average Duration 3:00Drama, 60’s and 70’s Soundalikes, Seasonal Music, Disaster & Catastrophe, Fantasy and Passion
Jingle Bank Arcadia Jingle Bank
Stereo & Super Surround Sound - 20 CD's - Duration 0:29Jingle Bank contains 1,980 x 0:29 second tracks. Dance Music, Disco, Rock, Rap, Heavy Metal, Vocals, Funk and Rave – sometimes aggressive, sometimes outrageous – these attention-seeking tracks are what you’ve been waiting for! Vocals too, from Opera to Popera, Boys’ Choirs and Gregorian Grooves, here you’ll find the sexy to the ethereal and a whole load of ethnic material like you’ve never heard before!
Galaxy Music Lexicon Arcadia Galaxy Music Lexicon
Stereo & Super Surround Sound - 40 CD's - Duration 0:29 to 3:00An A to Z of tracks that covers many subjects
EnVogue Arcadia EnVogue
Stereo & Super Surround Sound - 15 CD's - Duration 2:00 PlusA brand new Arcadia library that features a range of conventional musical styles including Latin, Rock and old time Boogie
Spot Leitmotif Arcadia Spot Leitmotif
Stereo & Super Surround Sound - 13 CD's - Duration 2:00 to 4:00A unique collection of musical building blocks which help the user to construct a score from Solo Instrumentals to Symphony Orchestra. Each CD contains seven subjects, each one of which has four variations. For example: begin with a Classical Melody and finish with a Jazz Arrangement of the same piece or start with a Piano, develop to Violin and end with a complete Symphony Orchestra!
Esovision Arcadia Esovision
Stereo & Super Surround Sound - 200 CD's - Duration 8:00 to 30:00 - LONG SEQUENCESThe largest and most definitive selection of long sequence material in the world, Esovision consists of Nature Recordings, Ancient & Early Music, Science Fiction and Ambient Textures; Melodic Soundscapes, Religious Vocals, Chants and Sacred Moods
Lifestyle Arcadia Lifestyle
Stereo & Super Surround Sound - 60 CD's - Duration: 4:00 To 8:00 - LONG SEQUENCESA choice selection of contemporary grooves which mix authentic sound-bytes with the unusual: Enigma Of Angels, which features heavenly angelic atmospheres; Voodoo Voices captures the magic of Haiti and the Caribbean, while Didgeridoo offers Aboriginal Originals to the Ultra-Trendy. There’s also music evocative of Eric Satie, ear-catching Saxophony, and a dreamy array of subtle, off-the-wall musical ideas
Therapy Arcadia Therapy
Stereo & Super Surround Sound - 30 CD's - Duration 15:00 to 30:00 - LONG SEQUENCESTherapy consists of a large variety of Meditational and Atmospheric long sequence background music tracks
Viva Arcadia Viva
Stereo & Super Surround Sound - 70 CD's - Duration 3:00 to 15:00As exercise and fitness activities play an important part in everyday life, so it is that we have created the Viva Library. Crammed full of music to accompany a huge spectrum of Exercises, including the Esoteric and Meditational, there are hundreds of tracks covering Step Aerobics, Keep Fit, Jogging and Relaxation, plus the ancient arts of Belly Dancing, Tai-Chi, Shiatsu and Qigong
Mastertrax Arcadia Mastertrax
Stereo & Super Surround Sound - 12 CD's - Duration 2:00 to 3:00Symphonic Music that is a wonderful combination of high quality sounds and colourful musical scores that include a range of subjects from Love & Passion to Gothic Horror and War Games to Combat Age
Drones Arcadia Drones
Stereo & Super Surround Sound - 15 CD's - Duration 2:00+ SUBLIMINAL UNDERSCORESCrystal clear background atmospheres made up of a multitude of sounds and arrangements bursting with drama, suspense, tension and unique ambience
MaxMusic Arcadia MaxMusic
Stereo & Super Surround Sound - 21 CD's - Duration: 2:00 Minutes PlusThink of a mood, a theme and even an idea and MaxMusic delivers. Intuitive, Innovative and Inspiring, MaxMusic is Simply Maximal!